Getting Started – Sample Motivation Letters

We have several motivation letter samples that you can use to write your own motivation letter for the position, education or experience that you are looking to be allowed into.  On each of the pages below, there are sample motivation letters that you can use for your own letter.


Using a Motivation Letter Sample

On each page, we walk you through techniques and tips that you can use to write a motivation letter of that type.  We also provide a motivation letter sample to give you a starting point.  Before you get started, you want to read some of the general guidelines that you find on these pages:

What is a Motivation Letter?

How to Write a Motivation Letter

These will give you some general guidance.  You want to take a look at them to understand the general concepts.

For your specific scenario, we have created several sample motivation letters to help you out.  Here’s a directory of the sample motivation letters that we have created.  Each of them gives you suggestions for that scenario. If we haven’t built the one you need yet, check out the closest sample motivation letter to what you need.  (e.g. if you are looking for a job as a chef, read through and use the motivation letter sample for a job.)

  • First, read through What is a Motivation Letter and How to Write a Motivation Letter.  Get the general idea for any motivation letter.  We also have great guidance on getting your letter started and closed to help you write a powerful introduction and an effective closing.
  • Find your specific scenario below.  Read through the page on your specific motivation letter and read the motivation letter sample.
  • Create a Word or Google Docs document and copy the motivation letter sample into your document. We’ve created a template that you can use to get started.  You can download that here.  We also sell some editable, saving you the trouble of creating a draft. You can find our letter for sale here.  These are great options to get started quickly to give you a motivation letter example to work from.
  • Make sure that you change the recipient’s name and address.
  • Change your name and address.
  • Use the motivation letter sample to write your own letter. Don’t use the template for your letter.  These aren’t written for you. They are examples to help you get started.  Your goal in a motivation letter is to convince the reader that you are the best candidate, so you need to show them why that’s true.  This is why you want to read the guide and learn how to adapt the motivation letter samples to your needs.

Motivation Letter Samples

You can write a motivation letter for a whole variety of scenarios.  Below is the list of articles that we offer.  In some cases, we also offer downloadable versions that you can use to get started.


Using our motivation letter samples and the guidance will make writing your motivation letter much easier.  Good luck with your search!  Motivate your readers to show them that you are the best candidate!

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