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Motivation forms the backbone of every activity we do. A motivated employee performs much better than an employee whose work is not appreciated. Motivation also implies a person’s willingness or intention to apply for a job, university, scholarship, etc. So here we have created this site which has various motivation letter templates for various purposes, which you can use as a reference.

As you know, a motivation letter is very important for a person to let the employer school or college know why you are fit for the particular job or scholarship. It tells your employer know about your specific skill sets and educational qualification which makes you fit for the job. Whether it is while applying for a job, college, scholarships, etc., a motivation letter is crucial to gain an advantage over other candidates and secure the job scholarship, or admission in your dream college. It acts as a cover letter and must be submitted with your resume. A good motivation letter can make all the difference in getting your candidature selected or rejected.

It is not just important to write a motivation letter and submit your application. It must be convincing and must cover all your professional competencies in brief. So here we have provided you with the examples which will help you explain how to write a great motivation  letter.

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