5+ Free Sample Motivation Letter For Study Abroad

Are you in contact with someone who is going to study abroad? Do you want them to excel in their path? Why not write a Motivation Letter to them showing them how much you care about them and their future? This article will show you how you can write an effective letter of motivation to someone who you care about.

8 March 2019.

Mr.  Nishchay Joshi,

Student at ABC Institution,

ABC Institute of Technology,

Knowledge Park-II,

Greater Noida-201310

Uttar Pradesh.


Dear Joshi,

This is to bring your notice about planning further studies abroad and their benefits for a student studying abroad.

Why did people want to study abroad ? There will be many benefits to selecting abroad for higher studies. The following are some of the reasons to choose abroad for higher studies.

  • Most of the people could not be able to survive in the corporate world the main drawback is about lacking communication skills. By making study at abroad one can their up their communication, language skills which helps to survive in the competitive corporate world.
  • Will help to exposure to many different people which is people skills and also diversify the range of the people.
  • Studying at abroad will be a new experience with a completely new way of teaching and can be habituated for different kinds of learning.
  • Will be helpful being self-reliance which means making own thought process, making own decisions, carrying out responsibilities on their own.
  • Will be experiencing a new culture than regular, gaining knowledge about different cultures.
  • Moving to abroad for studies will help about knowing one’s personality building confidence as an individual, changing to a new environment and adjusting life according to the environment.
  • Helps in Gaining knowledge about global means what is happening around the world and what is the reality going in the world.
  • Students going to abroad for studies will be getting discounts on their education than in the present country.      
  • When a person completes education in the abroad and returns with a new culture, language skills, a great education, learning new things and showing interest in work will be more attractive qualifications for future employees.
  • One of the biggest benefits of studying in abroad will be getting an opportunity about exploring new friends from different backgrounds. Which makes us get to know and create lasting relationships with the new people in the abroad.
  • For the persons who think life is going in a regular way and wanted a break from the regular life, they may opt for studying at abroad as a holiday only focusing on their studies but not on the other activities.
  • Changing the place for studying will be helping to try of different kinds of food, environment, joining with new people. By making study at abroad one can their up their communication, language skills which helps to survive in the competitive corporate world.
  • This may be the only opportunity that travels abroad for a longer period of time where we find job, career and the opportunity to study may turn to be a once in a lifetime opportunity will be utilized to travel the world with no commitments but to study and learn about new cultures.
  • Studying at abroad will be an opportunity to establish a really strong professional network by establishing friendships with new people in the colony, classmates, from all around the world which will outlast the duration of your study program.
  • Traveling to abroad for the higher studies gains independence to the person to make self-decisions, to make over the personality according to the situations, to take step towards the right path, gaining confidence on decisions, behavior towards others.
  • Helps to be more adventurous in traveling to new places and helps to be spontaneous, opens the mind for the sight of experiencing adventure.

Expecting to make a better plan for making study abroad and avail the above benefits.

Looking forward to a better future with abroad studies.

Best Regards,

Naveen Reddy.

Motivation Letter For Study Abroad Sample

Motivation Letter For Study Abroad Sample

How To Write a Motivation Letter For Study Abroad

How To Write a Motivation Letter For Study Abroad

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