Motivation Letter for Tourist Visa

Getting a tourist visa is not a piece of cake for every travel enthusiast as it requires a significant amount of effort and lots of paperwork. The motivation letter for a tourist visa is one of the most important papers that you will have to fill in with the authorities. We believe that this motivation letter can stand you out strongly to get you the tourist visa. Here in the article ahead, you will get the printable template to draft this motivation letter so as to ensure the visa allocation to yourself.


Motivation Letter for Tourist Visa

A motivation letter for the tourist visa is the letter that is addressed by an individual to the embassy in order to get the travel visa. It’s required when an individual is traveling from one country to another via airlines or ships. The motivation letter is essential since it delivers the motivations from the individual to the embassy as to why the person wants to travel. A tourist visa comes with a certain period of validity of the time when the individual wishes to stay out in other countries as a tourist. A motivation letter for a tourist visa is a very common practice as the majority of the embassies in the world requires it before granting the visa. So, if you are going to apply for a tourist visa then most probably you will need to write this motivation letter. Motivation Letter for Tourist Visa


How to Write a Motivation Letter for Tourist Visa

Well, the motivation letter for a tourist visa definitely makes a difference on the visa allotment but the way of writing this motivation letter is even more significant than it. Remember the embassies consider the content of the letter and that’s what makes the most difference. This is why you should draft this motivation letter in a very significant manner. Here below are some standard tips to write an influential motivation letter for a tourist visa.
  • Draft the opening body of the letter on a decent template that is relevant to writing this motivation letter.
  • Prepare the opening part of the letter with its correct address and also the name of the sender.
  • Next, you need to give the respective salutation to the letter and begin the main body of the letter.
  • Begin the main body with your own introduction to the embassy.
  • Provide a brief background of yourself along with all the relevant details.
  • State the motive of the letter and why do you wish to travel to the particular country.
  • Here you can provide your knowledge of such a country and the reason for travel.
  • Mention the period of travel and the staying duration as well.
  • You have to provide the genuine factors of travel and not include any such activity which is not appropriate to the foreign travel.
  • End the letter with gratitude to the embassy.
So, these are some of the very significant key aspects of the motivation letter for the tourist visa. You have to keep all these points into consideration while drafting the motivation letter.

Other Resources to Help With Your Motivation Letter for a Tourist Visa

We have written this guide to help you write your own letter.  Sometimes, we get asked for more help from our readers.   Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources for that but we want to give you any help we can. Probably the best resource we have found for such help is to look on Fiverr to hire someone.  Fiverr is a marketplace where you can hire someone for a specific project.  They offer different projects at set prices that you can hire them for.  This link will take you to a search for freelancers that do motivation letters specifically.  We can’t offer any specific names on there because the freelancers change.  We do have an article that gives you some pointers on finding the right person for you, though. Grammarly is a great resource when you write your own letter.  They have a free version which is excellent for spell-checking and simple grammar checking. The paid version has a lot more functionality, such as robust grammar checking, style recommendations, tone analysis, and more. It’s an excellent tool for improving your writing.

Sample of Motivation Letter for Tourist Visa

In this section of the article, you can have exposure to the practical motivation letter for the tourist visa. This sample letter would enable you to provide a detailed idea of the motivation letter. You can here below take a look at this sample motivation letter for the tourist visa for yourself.
  To, Indian Consulate of Immigration Affairs I’m writing this motivation letter for the application for a travel visa for my visit to the USA. I’m an Indian resident named ______ and wish to travel to the USA as a tourist for a number of days. I wish to explore the country as part of my wild dream and live there for the time being. I have been an avid traveler and have been to a number of countries before as a sincere traveler. I’m making this visit solely for the travel purpose and there is no other motive of mine behind it. I already have a valid passport and the details of the same are available in the motivation letter. I’m further clean of any criminal background and have fulfilled all the criteria of traveling. I believe that my visa application would be soon accepted by the embassy and I would be able to travel on my anticipated dates. Kindly feel free to contact me on any kind of further inquiries on the visa application on my contact numbers. Thanks & Regards Yours Truly Ajinkya Pujara
So, this is the standard sample of the motivation letter for the tourist visa. We believe this motivation letter would motivate and guide you to draft your own influential motivation letter. This motivation letter would definitely guide you in availing of the tourist visa and flying to your dream country  

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