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How to Write a Beautiful Eulogy for a Mother

You’ve suffered a loss you could never imagine. Your mom has passed away and you are supposed to deliver a eulogy for your mother.  Maybe you’ve never delivered a eulogy before, no one wants to be good at it.  It’s okay.  Writing a eulogy for a loved one is difficult.  Writing a eulogy for a mother is even more so.  We can help you write a eulogy for your mom.  It’s a tough time and you’ll need all the help you can get.

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Eulogy for a Mother

When it comes to writing a beautiful eulogy for your mother, many writers find themselves struggling through the emotions they are experiencing and having trouble processing their own guilt.  A eulogy can help you remember the amazing parts of your mom’s life and celebrate that life with loved ones.

If you’re tasked with eulogizing your mother and are unsure where to start, don’t panic. A beautiful speech pays tribute to your mom’s life and leaves loved ones with a feeling of closure. With that in mind, here are some ideas on how to write a eulogy for your mom:

Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. If you click on the link and purchase the item, I will receive an affiliate commission at no extra cost to you. All opinions remain my own.

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Planning and Organizing the Eulogy

Getting started can be the most difficult part. The good news is that there is no “right” way. You can plan and organize your eulogy in several ways. Here are some suggestions and ways to get started:

Write Down Significant Life Events

When writing a eulogy, you may want to share significant life events. These life events might include births, early childhood, important milestones, and personal achievements.

Live events to think about when writing a eulogy for your mother could include:

  • Big childhood events
  • Your mom’s relationship with her parents
  • Her career
  • Vacations
  • Mom’s volunteer activities

Big events in your mom’s life can help you identify themes, stories, or amazing parts of your mom’s life that you can talk about in her eulogy.

Look at Old Pictures, Videos, and Letters

These days, we all carry memory makers with us in the form of our cell phones. We take pictures, make Facebook posts, take videos, and a lot more. Even if mom never had a cellphone, she likely had a collection of pictures, videos, and maybe even letters.

Collect as many as you can find and sit down with them. Go through them and make notes of memories, ideas, and themes in your mom’s life. When you write the eulogy for your mom, looking back on memories, sayings or big events can be a great way to share her with the others mourning her loss.

Identify a Theme

A theme can be useful because it helps you stay focused. A few examples of themes are strength, courage, and love. For example, if you’ve decided your mother was strong and courageous, think about how she displayed those qualities. You can also think about examples from her life that show her love for you and others.

You can use your stories and memories as examples. The theme helps to tie your eulogy together while the stories keep everyone engaged. If you have stories that involve someone from the audience that can be really powerful.

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Writing Your Eulogy

Now you have ideas, themes, and a bunch of amazing memories. You can use these to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) and start writing the eulogy for your mother.

Put Your Thoughts in Order

Collect all your thoughts and ideas. Right now, more is better. You’ll have time to narrow it down later on.

Start writing themes, memories, and anything else that you have collected.

Once you’ve created a draft, it’s time to put the eulogy in order. When you write the eulogy for your mother, there are a few common ways to structure it that you can use:

  • Chronologically – You can write down your memories and stories in order. For example, if you remember a time growing up, you can open with that. Then you move to your teenage years, college, etc as you move through your life with your mom.
  • Thematically – If you have a strong theme or a common thread in your story, or maybe more than one, you could open with that. A great way to open here is with a story that highlights your theme. “Thinking of my mom always reminds me of her generosity. I remember when…” Then you could move to other stories. A great technique here could be to include stories from other attendees.

These may not be the only options, but they are common ways to approach writing a eulogy.

Decide on Your Tone

Think about the tone of your eulogy and decide whether you want to write a formal eulogy or a heartfelt tribute. A formal eulogy is a concise, objective, or analytical piece, while a heartfelt eulogy is personal and emotional. Whatever type of eulogy you choose to write, have fun with it and use the occasion to express your love for your mother.

How Long Should The Eulogy Be For Your Mom?

The length of your eulogy will vary depending on the circumstances. As a general rule, if it’s a religious service, it should be a maximum of five minutes. You might want to say something about your mom’s life in five minutes for other types of services. This helps you to figure out how much to edit.

Mention Loved Ones

When you write a eulogy for a mother, it’s important to honor her memory. It’s also common to mention her friends and family, including any children she has left behind. It could also be helpful to include memories of the deceased, such as deathbed wishes. Be sure to include the name of each person you list.

This is also a great way to involve others in your remembrance and grieving. You can share your mom’s life and wonderful memories with others.

Closing remarks

Closing remarks are a final opportunity to say something about your mom. This part of your eulogy could end with a poem, an anecdote, or the story of how your mom’s life ended. It’s also common to include a dedication or tribute.

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Delivering the Eulogy for Mom

Once the eulogy is written, then you will have to deliver it. This can be difficult, especially if you aren’t used to public speaking. Remember that you are sharing this special time with other loved ones. They are there for the same reason that you are, to eulogize your mother and to remember how much they love her.

Rehearse the Speech

While you don’t need to perform, it is important to rehearse your eulogy to know what you’re going to say, how you’re going to say it, and how well it is coming across.

Write for reading out loud to yourself and even friends and family members. You can practice in front a mirror or even record yourself.

Practicing helps you organize your thoughts and will help you deliver your eulogy on the day of your mom’s funeral. This will be a tough time. You will be sad, and emotional and may even cry while you’re trying to deliver your eulogy for your mom.

This time is hard enough already. Knowing in advance what you’re going to say and practicing it will help.

Practicing will help you hear what you’ve written and decide on any changes you need to make.

Don’t Look For Perfection

When working on a eulogy, it’s natural to want everything perfect. This is especially true if you’re writing your eulogy for a mother or any loved one. However, the best way to create a fitting tribute is by writing something that will resonate with your audience and bring them the most emotional memory.

Your goal is to honor your mom, and her memory, and to help you and her other loved ones grieve. Perfection isn’t needed. You want to share memories and think about the things that made your mother special.

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Writing and Delivery a Beautiful Eulogy for A Mother

Writing a eulogy is an important decision. It’s an amazing way to honor the memory of your mother, celebrate her life, and grieve her. It gives you a great opportunity to celebrate her life.

Writing and delivering a eulogy can be very difficult, but it’s also an amazing opportunity. Hopefully, we have given you some ideas to help you meet this challenge while you celebrate your mother’s life. We’re sorry for your loss.

Getting Help Writing a Eulogy for Your Mother

Sometimes, it’s just too hard to write what you want or to figure out what to write. There are writers who can help you put your thoughts and memories into words. Places like Fiverr can be wonderful places to help you find expertise in writing. Of course, they don’t know your mom and you will need to help them with what you want your eulogy to say. Once they know your stories, memories, and more about your mom, they can help you create a beautiful eulogy for a mother.

This time is hard enough, sometimes it’s just helpful to have someone in your corner to help out. We’ve created a guide to getting the best results from hiring an expert from Fiverr.

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