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2 Easy Ways to Request a Fiverr Refund

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Getting the Most out of Fiverr


What is Fiverr’s Refund Policy?

In some respects, Fiverr is in a tough spot. Typically, things work out great as long as you carefully read the gig description and manage the freelancer. Both buyers and sellers are generally honest. Sometimes, problems will happen, though.

Fiverr is trying to ensure that their refund policy protects buyers and sellers, so they walk that line to keep anyone from being cheated.

If you cancel an order, the funds will be deposited into your Fiverr account when you buy another gig (project). That’s the easiest solution and happens automatically when you and the Seller agree to cancel the order.

You can request that the money be refunded to your original payment method by submitting a request through the Resolution Center or Customer Support. The Resolution Center is available when you select an open order.

Your refund will be processed in the current that you used. Usually, that’s US dollars, but if you used something different, that’s how Fiverr will refund it.

Reasons Why You Might Request a Fiverr Refund

It might be worth spending a couple of minutes talking about why you might want a Fiverr refund. These will help you to avoid needing a refund.

  1. Poor Work/Scam – Unfortunately, any platform will have its challenges. Reading reviews and following our other tips to get the most out of Fiverr will help avoid these, but it may happen. You may get shoddy work.
  2. Accidental Request – Fiverr is easy to use, but some users accidentally requested a gig while looking.
  3. Freelancer Doesn’t Finish the Work – Of course, you want your money back if the freelancer doesn’t finish the work you requested. (The good news is that Fiverr doesn’t pay the freelancer until you accept the project.

Regardless of the reason, let’s look at how to help yourself when there have already been problems.

What to Try Before Requesting a Fiverr Refund

Before you request a refund, you need to work it out with the freelancer. Fiverr is responsible for you and the freelancer to make sure they treat you fairly. They will ask you to work it out with them if there’s a problem.

Here are some things to be careful of before you try to work it out with the freelancer or submit a refund request with Fiverr:

  • What was the gig description? You need to read the gig description carefully. If the freelancer delivered the project according to the description, then Fiverr is less likely to give you a refund.
  • What Were Your Requirements? With a gig, you need to submit requirements. Poor quality requirements are probably the place that hurts most clients and most projects. If your requirements are vague or unclear, it’s easy for freelancers to report that they met them.
  • Use Your Revisions – A gig description will list an allowed number of revisions you can use. If you aren’t happy, make sure you use any remaining revisions. You have already paid for them.
Fiverr Listing the Number of Revisions on a Gig Description

If you can solve the problem between you and the freelancer, you are more likely to get what you need and less likely to need a Fiverr refund.

Unfortunately, sometimes that isn’t possible.

In that case, according to Fiverr’s terms, you will get a refund to your Fiverr account any time you cancel the order. You can do that easily in the following situations:

  1. When the order is still an active order (they are still working on it and you haven’t accepted it.)
  2. Within 14 days of the order being completed on Fiverr
  3. After 14 days of completion if Fiverr determines that your request is reasonable.

Requesting a Refund from Fiverr

To request a refund from Fiverr, There are a couple of steps to follow.

fiverr resolution center the first step in requesting a refund from fiverr
  1. Resolution Center

Fiverr asks that you first try to work things out with the seller before you request a refund from Fiverr.  There are several ways that you and the seller can work matters out.  The mechanism for doing this is called The Resolution Center.

This is a formal way of coordinating your fixes with the seller on Fiverr that holds both of you accountable.  You might agree on more time, revisions, or agree to cancel the order.  Once the order is canceled, your refund will be processed from Fiverr.

Remember that the seller agreed on a particular project and requirements.  If you weren’t clear or you had a mistake in what you asked or you made assumptions about a project, then anything the seller does for you is a favor.  This is particularly important on a marketplace like Fiverr where English may not be the first language for both of you and the job descriptions can be vague. Be specific and complete early to avoid problems later.

fiverr customer support to request a fiverr refund when you have a problem with an order
  1. Customer Support

If you can’t work things out in the Resolution Center, then you may have to go to Customer Support.  This is where you ask for help directly from Fiverr.  They will want to know what you did to fix it, why the deliverable isn’t satisfactory, and if there are other ways to fix it.

How to Request a Refund from Fiverr using the Resolution Center

Here’s how you access and use the Resolution Center to request a refund from Fiverr.  This will only work if the project is not completed.  If it is completed, then skip to the Customer Support instructions below.

  1. To use the Resolution Center, log into your Fiverr account and go to the order you’re having problems with.
  2. Click the “Visit the Resolution Center Tab”
  3. Click the Option to “Ask the Seller to Cancel This Order” (unless you’re willing to consider other fixes but those won’t generate a refund.)
  4. Select one of the reasons given and give a description of your issue or concern
  5. Click Send

The seller has two days to respond.  If they don’t respond, then the order is automatically canceled and your refund will be processed.  You can view the status of your dispute at any time on the order page.

If the seller does respond, they can propose to revise the work, which you can accept or decline.

How to Request a Refund for a Completed Order from Fiverr

If your order is already completed, then you will need to contact Customer Support to request a refund from Fiverr.

  1. Log into your Fiverr account
  2. Select the order
  3. Click on the Resolution Center option in the bottom right. This will open a page with a link to Fiverr Customer Support.
  4. Follow the steps on the next few screens to request your refund.

If the seller agrees, this will be a quick process.  However, if you have already accepted the order you will need to convince Customer Support why the order isn’t satisfactory.  Your best bet is to never accept an order if you aren’t satisfied.

If you have already accepted it, this is the best solution for getting a refund from Fiverr for a completed order.

Essential Things to Know About Getting Refunds from Fiverr

  • If you can’t resolve things with the Seller, start by canceling the order. Canceling the order begins the Fiverr refund process for you.
  • Fiverr’s terms and conditions don’t allow you to cancel an order due to low-quality work if the order was delivered within the terms of the gig (so be specific). You will need to work this out with the freelancer.
  • If you aren’t satisfied with the work and are considering a refund, don’t accept the project delivery. An unaccepted delivery will make it easier to get your refund.
  • If you don’t accept an order or ask for a revision for three days, it will automatically be marked as complete. So, take action quickly to avoid hassles. You can still contact Fiverr support within 14 days after the order completion to cancel the order, but it’s easier to work with an incomplete order.
  • Refunded payments are added to your Fiverr balance. You need to request that the money be refunded to your payment method. Refunds to a payment method can take 24 hours for PayPal and could be weeks for a credit card.
  • Service fees are not refunded.

Summary of Requesting Fiverr Refunds 

When you request a Fiverr refund, your best option is to not accept the deliverable.  In a perfect world, you can work out the issue with the seller. They generally want you to be happy and they don’t want to have problems with Fiverr because clients are requesting refunds.

Unfortunately, sometimes it happens.  When you do need to request the refund, start by requesting the refund through the Resolution Center.  Let them know the circumstances of your refund and why you can’t work it out with the seller.

It can take a few days to process, especially when you are requesting the money back to a payment provider.  Normally, the money will go back to your Fiverr account. If you want it to go back to your payment provider then you need to contact Customer Support to make that request.

Hopefully, this helps you.  In general, we have been very happy with Fiverr sellers and have found them willing to work with us when we aren’t satisfied.  Unfortunately, every seller and buyer are different. We recommend that you do your work on the front-end before hiring using our tips to get the most out of Fiverr. When that doesn’t work, we hope this helps you get a Fiverr refund quickly and easily.

Question Marks

Frequently Asked Questions About Fiverr Refunds

Can You Get A Refund On Fiverr?

Yes, if you have any concerns with the delivery or the Seller is not qualified for that work, you can claim refunds. You can cancel the active order or contact customer support for assistance.

How Long Does The Fiverr Refund Take?

Once your order gets canceled, your refund amount will be credited to your Fiverr credit. The refund amount is not directly submitted to the payment method. It takes 24 hours to get the refund in PayPal and around 1 to 7 days for a bank account or credit card. It all depends upon the case and customer support consideration.

How To Request A Refund On Fiverr?

You can use the resolution center in your order dashboard to escalate the cancellation, which will automatically refund your amount. Secondly, Fiverr support can assist you in processing your refund request.

Where Do I Find the Fiverr Refund Policy?

Fiverr has a refund policy on their site which is listed under payments. Here is a link to their refund policy.
That’s not the whole story. That’s basically the summary. If you have problems, you should first check out the terms of service and the payment terms and conditions. These will give you the full picture.

Does Fiverr Refund the Money to My Bank Account?

Typically, Fiverr refunds the money to your Fiverr account which will let you spend it on other projects.  If you want it refunded to your payment method, such as credit card, bank account, or PayPal then you will need to contact Customer Support and request that they do that.

Can I Get a Refund on Fiverr

Yes! It’s easiest if you haven’t accepted the order yet. We cover ways to request a refund, both before and after accepting the order. Before you accept it is pretty easy and fairly certain. After you have accepted the order you may have to convince Fiverr that it’s warranted.

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