Fiverr Frequently Asked Questions

We often recommend Fiverr if you need someone to write a motivation letter for you. Fiverr is a marketplace of freelancers where you can find a variety of talents to help you with tasks. There are many freelancers there that can help you with writing a motivation letter.

We periodically get questions about Fiverr and how it works.  Some help you understand Fiverr better, and others will let you work better with Fiverr.

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How Does Fiverr Work for Hiring Freelancers?

Fiverr is a digital platform that connects freelancers offering a wide range of services with potential clients. The process of hiring freelancers on Fiverr is relatively straightforward.

  1. Find a service: Start by searching for the service you need. You can browse categories and subcategories or use the search bar to look for specific services. Some categories include graphic design, digital marketing, writing, video editing, programming, etc.
  2. Choose a freelancer: Once you’ve found the service you’re interested in, you’ll see a list of freelancers offering that service. Each freelancer, or ‘seller,’ has a profile that includes a description of their services (called ‘gigs’), their portfolio, pricing, reviews, and ratings from previous clients. Take the time to read through this information to help you decide which freelancer is the best fit for your project.
  3. Contact the freelancer: If you have any specific questions, want to discuss your project in more detail, or need a custom offer, you can contact the freelancer directly before placing an order.
  4. Place an order: When ready to hire, select the gig that suits your needs and click ‘Continue’ to proceed to payment. Here, you can review your order, choose any gig extras the freelancer offers, and enter your payment details.
  5. Collaborate and review: After placing an order, you can communicate with the freelancer, provide any necessary information or files, and ask for updates. Once the work is delivered, you should review it carefully and ask for revisions if needed (provided the gig includes revisions).
  6. Complete the order and rate: If you’re happy with the delivered work, mark the order as complete, and the payment will be released to the freelancer. It’s a good practice to leave a review of the freelancer’s work to help future buyers.

Remember that Fiverr holds your payment until you’re satisfied with the work, adding a layer of protection for your investment. Always communicate and pay through Fiverr’s platform to benefit from this protection.

What Kind of Services Can I Hire For on Fiverr?

There are a whole bunch of services that you can hire for on Fiverr, but to focus on motivational writing, here are some of the services that you can find on Fiverr.

  • Motivation Letters: You can get someone to write a motivation letter for you. Some consultants have expertise and experience in writing motivation and cover letters.
  • Editing: No one knows you better than you, making you an expert in writing about your motivation. You might need some editing help or recommendations; you can find help.
  • Speech Writing: If you have to deliver a motivational message, eulogy, or other speech, you can find help writing it (tough to hire someone to deliver it for you, though, sorry).

How Do I Choose the Right Freelancer For My Project?

Choosing the right freelancer for your project on Fiverr involves several steps to ensure you hire someone who can deliver quality work that meets your requirements.

  1. Define your project: Start by clearly defining what you need. The more specific you can be about your requirements, deadlines, deliverables, and budget, the easier it will be to find a suitable freelancer.
  2. Search and explore: Use Fiverr’s search and filter options to find freelancers offering your needed service. Explore various profiles and read through their gig descriptions, pricing, delivery times, and gig extras.
  3. Check reviews and ratings: A freelancer’s ratings and reviews are an essential indicator of their work quality. Previous clients rate freelancers on various factors such as communication and service as described and would buy again. Be sure to read both positive and negative reviews to understand the freelancer’s strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Examine their portfolio: Most freelancers on Fiverr include work samples in their gigs. Look through these portfolios to understand the quality of their work and see if their style matches what you’re looking for.
  5. Contact the freelancer: If you have specific questions or requirements, feel free to contact the freelancer. Their response can give you a sense of their communication skills and eagerness to work on your project.

Remember choosing the right freelancer may take time and communication, but ensuring a successful project outcome is worth the effort.

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What Do Basic, Standard, and Premium Gigs Mean on Fiverr?

On Fiverr, many freelancers offer their services as “gigs,” often divided into three tiers: Basic, Standard, and Premium. Each tier corresponds to different levels of service, complexity, and pricing.  You want to carefully read what’s included in each gig tier before hiring someone.

Here’s a brief description of what each level typically means:

  • Basic: This is the entry-level tier for a gig. It generally includes the bare minimum of the service and is usually the most affordable option. This suits simple or smaller tasks or buyers requiring basic features or services.
  • Standard: The middle tier, the standard gig, usually includes everything offered in the Basic package plus some additional features or services. It’s a step up in both price and value. The Standard gig may also involve a quicker delivery time and is typically designed for more complex tasks or projects.
  • Premium: The highest tier, the premium gig, is generally the most expensive option but also provides the highest level of service. It often includes everything in the Basic and Standard gigs, plus additional premium features, such as priority support, faster delivery, or more revisions. The Premium gig is designed for clients who need comprehensive or top-tier services. Most of you won’t need something like this, but, for more complicated situations, it may be an option.

It’s essential to thoroughly read the descriptions of each gig tier to understand exactly what you’re getting. You can contact the freelancer directly or need a more customized service. They’ll often have differences in things like

  • Timelines
  • Number of Revisions
  • Size of the project
  • Number of deliverables

Fiverr can take most forms of payment.  These include:

One of the benefits of Fiverr is that it protects your money until the job is competed. When you pay, the money is escrowed and held until you accept the project.

Can you use Crypto to pay on Fiverr?

Currently, Fiverr does not accept cryptocurrency.

When was Fiverr created?

Fiverr was founded in 2010.

How much does Fiverr take from sellers?

Fiverr takes 20 percent from sellers.  As buyers, there isn’t anything we can do about that except to understand that part of the price we are paying includes that 20 percent.

What are Fiverr fees for buyers?

If your gig is up to $40, you will pay $2 in fees regardless of the price.  If the gig is over $40 then you will pay 5.5% of the total price. (e.g. a $100 gig will be $5.50).

How do I create an account on Fiverr?

To create an account on Fiverr, visit the Fiverr website or download the app, click on “Join” or “Sign Up,” and follow the prompts to set up your account with an email address or social media profile.

How can I find the right freelancer for my project?

You can find the right freelancer on Fiverr by using the search bar to enter specific keywords related to your project. Then, please browse through the search results, read their reviews, check their portfolios, and message them to discuss your requirements before deciding.

It’s also a good idea to review our guide on how to get the most out of Fiverr, which has more detailed help.

What are gig packages, and how do they work?

Gig packages are different service tiers offered by freelancers, each with varying levels of service and pricing. They typically include basic, standard, and premium options. When selecting a gig, you can choose the package that best meets your needs and budget.

How can I ensure the quality of work from a freelancer?

To ensure the quality of work, you can check a freelancer’s reviews and ratings from previous clients. Additionally, clearly communicate your project expectations, provide specific guidelines, and ask for samples or drafts before proceeding with the complete task.

It’s also a good idea to review our guide on how to get the most out of Fiverr, which has more detailed help.

How can I make secure payments on Fiverr?

Fiverr offers secure payment options such as credit/debit cards, PayPal, and Apple Pay. Your payment is held in escrow until you approve the work, ensuring the freelancer receives payment only after you are satisfied with the result.

Can I cancel an order if I change my mind?

You can cancel an order if you change your mind before the freelancer starts working on it. However, canceling an order after the work has begun may be subject to the freelancer’s cancellation policy.

How can I communicate effectively with freelancers?

To communicate effectively with freelancers, use the Fiverr messaging system. Be clear and specific about your project requirements, deadlines, and other essential details. Promptly respond to their messages to avoid delays in the project.

What are Fiverr “extras,” and how do they work?

Fiverr “extras” are additional services or add-ons that freelancers offer to enhance your order. During the ordering process, you may have the option to select extras to customize the gig further according to your needs.

Can I hire a freelancer for ongoing or long-term projects?

Absolutely! Many freelancers on Fiverr are open to long-term collaborations. You can discuss your requirements with the freelancer and, if both parties agree, establish a custom arrangement for ongoing work.

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