Motivation Letter For Organization Sample with Examples

Have you been searching for the Motivation letter for organization? Then why not write those motivational letters that have been trending? A motivation letter is the best way to improve your relationship with your employees. When you want to motivate your employees in their down days, so that the quality of your work improves tremendously, you need to up your game and write the most effective motivation letter. And for that, we are here to help!!


Sample Motivation Letter For Organization

Sharath Kumar (HR),
XYZ Company,
Knowledge Park-2,
Greater Noida-210301.

SUBJECT: Motivational letter for Organization.

Good morning sir/madam,
I am Naveen Reddy, currently pursuing PGDM from Greater Noida Institute of management, which is located in Knowledge Park-2, Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh. In this letter, I am going to say what is Motivation and what are the impacts of that?

Motivation is the process of activating a dynamic but dormant force, lying within a person, which when activated, keeps prompting him/ her to perform better and better. MOTIVATION is a very potent & dynamic force, which can make a person get up from the grave & make him/her re-perform. A good manager can make average people perform with exceptional brilliance, by effective motivational techniques. Effective motivational techniques make people perform at an optimum level of efficacy & effectiveness.

We should motivate the people by giving them what they want at a particular time and giving them proper appreciation to the work they do. First, we should treat the employees with most love and care. We should give them basic needs so that they perform with more efficient. Motivation is very important for the individual and for the organization. For individual motivational is important to achieve his/her personal goals, as for organization motivation is important to get success in the market and to make profits. Motivational is essential for everybody in the universe.

As an employee, I have motivated to join in this organization because by seeing the work culture and flexible working hours and the work of SEO (search engine optimization) which made me fall love with this company, these are some of the reasons which made to motivate to choose this job. I have good skills in content writing and have a piece of great knowledge in excel and a little bit of knowledge in social media networks like Integral, Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn.

Some of the most important theories of motivation are Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory, Herzberg’s Motivation theory, Alderfer’s ERG Theory, Vroom’s expectancy theory.

Maslow’s Need Hierarchy Theory consists of physiological needs, safety & security needs, social needs ego/esteem needs, self-actualization needs, spiritual needs.

Herzberg’s Motivation theory consists of physiological needs, safety & security needs, social needs ego /self-esteem needs, Self-act Needs.

Alderfer’s ERG Theory consists of self-growth actual needs, relatedness needs, existence needs physiological needs, safety, and security needs, social needs ego /self-esteem needs.

Vroom’s expectancy theory consists of Effort, performance, and reward, it says that if a person performs better by keeping all his efforts he will definitely perform better and according to the performance we will be getting the rewards from the organization to make him perform better with most efficiently.

To motivate the people first we should identify the needs of the employees. By giving them the needs they get motivated and perform well. The organization should also follow the carrot and stick approach, it should be some times harsh and sometimes friendly with the employees. The employee will perform if the reward is something valuable or important to the person then only he will perform better otherwise he will not.

The organization should also provide equal career development opportunities to all employees. They should also involve the employees in the group meetings and should give equal importance to all the employment decision. They should follow uniformity in the organization and should show love and affection towards the employees and should have an attachment towards them. All the above factors help every organization to grow in the market and gain profits.

I hope you like my letter.

Yours Faithfully,
Kamidi Naveen Reddy.

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